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MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products MJM Manufacturing - Our Products MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products MJM Manufacturing - Our Services MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products MJM Manufacturing News MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products
MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products

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Our Estimating Department is equipped with state-of-the-art estimating software capable of providing over 400% more quotes than our competitors, enabling MJM to be more aggressive and more competitive.

Our software has a complete library of materials, hardware and our work center rate to insure consistency from quote to quote.

All of our work center rates are compared to actual floor performance and are automatically adjusted to meet our efficiency target of 100% estimate to actual. All notes and comments that are forwarded to us from our customers are added to our estimate note sections and are transferred to our manufacturing software upon receiving an order to insure that no communication has been overlooked.

Purchasing is one key to MJM success, by having all the resources, history and computer software to manage our business.

We are able to group components and forecast future material requirements thus enabling us to contract the best material prices.

The professionals in our Purchasing Department are just one more aspect of what makes us so competitive!
Purchase Department

Carmen, our always happy and smiling Customer Service Representative.

Make sure you say Hi, next time you give us a call! Carmen along with the rest of our service department personnel are ready to answer any question you may have, from pricing, to receiving an order, or the status of a current order.

All of our personal have been equipped with the latest Pentium computers and are fully networked with our plant in order to answer any question you may have.

If you desire MJM will maintain your orders and work with your M.R.P. reports to insure that all orders will be on time.
Service Department

Quality Control Department at MJM ManufacturingEvery operation at MJM is continuously monitored. Micrometers, Vernier Calipers and Coordinate measuring machines are used constantly to insure accuracy within permitted tolerances.
The extensive quality controls (Mil-I-45215A) and SPC assure consistency and the high quality that MJM guarantees it customers.

Our Shearing Department consists of several shears enabling MJM to cut all the appropriate part sizes needed to meet all our delivery schedules.

MJM was one of the first in our industry to use laser cutting technology here in South Florida. That makes MJM one of the most experienced Laser cutting companies in South Florida!

MJM Manufacturing has added the newest Amada Laser cutter to our Manufacturing capabilitiesOur newest Laser cutter produced by Amada offers these State-of-the-art capabilities.

High Speed 2000 Watt Hybrid Machine Design offers quick Turnaround Prototyping and Production Capability.

60” W 90” L Process Area with Reposition to 196” L. Clean–Cut Technology for Stainless Steel.

Mark-Free Material Processing with Urethane Support Rollers and Non-Contact Cutting Head. Full Updated CAD/CAM Programming System. This new Laser cutter can cut a wide Range of Materials, such as: Stainless Steel, Galvanized Aluminum, Hot & Cold Rolled Steel, Pickled & Oiled, Moly, Titanium, Inconel, Monel, from Shim Stock to ½” Plate, Plastic, Wood, etc.

Normally, there are many different tools used in a turret, which is not needed in laser processing.

Today's laser cutting technologies allows us to cut almost any type of material from very hard aircraft alloy to a variety of plastics and non metal materials without leaving any step marks or burrs.

In order to maximize our deburring area, MJM has installed several tumblers ranging from 5 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet. Our vibratory tumblers are one of the most efficient forms of deburring processes used today.

There are many different media used in our tumblers to maximize the finishes and type of area that need to be deburred, like edges, holes and deep cutouts. By using different types of media, you can achieve high quality looking parts, burr free.

All of this is done at a very low cost due to the volume of parts that fit in a 25 cubic foot area.

MJM has a full array of forming machines.

We are always looking to be on the leading edge of technology in today's highly competitive market.

That's why MJM chose to use Amada fabrication equipment.



Grinding is one of the processes that today is still a manual process, and can be very time consuming.

MJM uses skilled personnel to insure that all welds are ground and polished to insure an exceptionally good looking finished product.

Amada is one of the most prestigious names in quality fabricating equipment.

Our sophisticated Amada CNC Turret presses are state-of-the art machines... completely automated and fully computerized with "DNC" direct numerical control from engineering to our CNC turret presses, eliminating the need for paper tapes.

Prototypes and production runs are produced quickly and inexpensively at speeds of 220 to 900 hits per minute on one inch centers. Special added features are our four 4.50" auto index stations that are capable of punching 360 degree and up to 900 hits per minute bi-directional.

Another added feature is our newest acquisition the Vipros 358 King, which is a fully automatic hydraulic turret press which is unparalleled in controlling marks. It's ram control is excellent in allowing forming capability, which enables MJM to produce a completed part without secondary operations.

This allows your designer to create any shape or angle desired at a very low cost. Our turret presses hold up to 86 different tools from .032 to 4.500 diameter and are capable of punching up to .250 thick material and blank sizes of up to 50" x 144".

MJM offers a variety of processes to insure low cost of manufacturing with volume production.

Our Stamping Department involves stamping presses from 15 tons to 100 tons. All tools are manufactured in-house and are maintained by our on site tool & die makers

Our Graining Department consists of several different size machines, ranging from 8 1/2 to 37 inches of graining capacity.

All of our blanks that are punched off our CNC turret presses and our stamping presses are all processed through our array of graining machines.

All parts are grained to eliminate all scratches and burrs that are protruding to insure the highest quality presentation of cosmetic parts.

All of our custom sheet metal parts are guaranteed to be burr free. Our state-of-the-art grain deburring machine allows us to deburr all edges and holes.

Grain and Debur Department at MJM Manufacturing. This new technology was designed for the aircraft industry which consists of a conveyer and a disc made of emery cloth approximately 40 inches diameter that spins at a very high speed while the parts are being fed through by means of a conveyer belt.

This eliminates the need of any hand deburring, which in turn reduces part costs.

MJM has built a special room to house all of our hand deburring to insure that the metal dust created by the deburring process does not interfere with our highly sophisticated machines.
All of our deburring machines, use the latest deburr media to insure the best possible and most complete deburring process.

A full array of drilling machines are available from single drill presses, to multi-head drilling machines, to our Burgmaster turret drill press with six head rotary index.

The Burgmaster turret drill press can have multiple heads with either drills or taps installed in one setup. This allows you to handle parts just once while performing many different taps before replacing your part.

An advance tapping machine table has been installed to allow a large area of tapping of a variety of different taps from 2-56 to 1/2 taps, all in one setup.

With a full line of milling machines from Manuel Bridgeports to Mazak's CNC machining center equipped with automatic pallet changers.

Our CNC-machining centers are capable of unsurpassed quality and accuracy to insure the most accurate parts that can be produced.

All of our CNC milling machines are fully loaded with a complete turret of tools and fully computerized to our engineering department.

This direct network link with our engineering department via direct numerical control "DNC" is what allows MJM to guarantee the utmost accuracy in transferring information.
MJM's Tool & Die Department is staffed with highly skilled tool and die makers.

We are capable of making simple tools to the very complicated progressive stamping tools, needed in this highly competitive market.

Today a fabricator needs to be able to have total control over all of its process's to compete.

From simple drill fixtures to complicated tools, all tools must be made in a very short lead time.

MJM provides all of these services daily.

MJM's Welding Department consists of both manual and robotic welding machines.

All of our welders are highly trained and skilled. With their many years of experience we are able to weld any material.
Our welder normally welds with mig or tig. Our Fanuc robotic welders are equipped with two pallets that rotate 360 degrees each, and can hold parts sizes of up to 36 x 36 x 96 on any of our four loading stations, which dramatically increases our through put.

One of the Fanuc robotic welders great features is its ability to weld at speeds of up to 100 inches per minute automatically without any part handling.While one of our four machines is welding we are able to load and unload parts from our other stations which insures constant welding.

Just another efficiency that MJM offers it's customers!

MJM's Spotwelding Department, consists of Sciaky spot welders.

Sciaky is one of the oldest and most well recognized names in spotwelding equipment. By using the best spotwelder on the market, you get maximum spotweld penetration.

Sciaky welders are one of the best welders of aluminum and steel on the market today. With our Sciaky welder MJM can weld 1/8 to 1/8 thick, to mil specifications.

Sciaky Welding System

Our state-of-the-art Plating facility is equipped with a twelve-stage clear or yellow chromate line, a seven stage iron phosphate line, plus a seven stage black oxide line.
All of our tanks are made of stainless steel and are constantly monitored for consistency by trained lab technicians using the latest computer software.
Our lines are equipped with a race track style overhead hoist system able to operate multi capacity payloads. Each line is equipped with its own set of racking carts for maximum efficiency.

MJM is in full compliance with all local codes, and our processes are environmentally friendly.

MJM has setup this complete line of plating tanks to allow us to have total control of our final produced product.

We have gained total control over our quality of our finishes and deliveries by controlling all of this under one roof.


Our expert masking personnel are highly trained individuals able to interpret engineering drawings.

Whether we are protecting your hardware, guarding against over spray or masking for conductivity.

Sometimes, parts require more than one type of finish. MJM offers precision masking that seals one area from the other allowing complex, multiple process coatings on the same part.

Required chromate conversion coating on certain areas, for electrical conductivity, and black hardcoat anodize on the remainder of the part, for electrical insulation & abrasion resistance. To meet the customers hi volume production requirements we engineered custom masking jigs to get the job done in a timely manner.

We are ready to meet all of your masking needs.



MJM has the latest in paint booth technology, all our booths are equipped with rear filtered make up air supplying positive air pressure to eliminate spray particles.

Our painters are fully trained and experienced with the latest industry finishes. We are using the most advanced code approved solids low VLC paints.

Our arsenal of pain guns include the revolutionary Mach 1 and electrostatic guns for specific applications.

All our paint equipment is maintained on a daily basis to assure maximum quality in the finishes we apply.

Paint mixing is done using highly calibrated scales and computer generated mixing tables to assure quality and consistency.

Parts are then ovened to assure proper paint curing according to manufacturing specification.


Our Silkscreen Department is equipped with seven micro adjustable silkscreen-printing stations.

We pride ourselves with letter quality and accurate micro registration.

We are experienced in multiple color silk-screening.

Our inks are mixed using extremely accurate scales to assure quality control. Using top rated constructed screens enable us proper tension to insure an accurate ink transfer.

Parts are ovened to assure proper ink bonding to your particular finish.

MJM has equipped its Hardware Department with the most advanced hardware insertion equipment on the market today.

A full range of Heager press from 18-inch throat to 24 inch is available which allows us to insert any hardware on the market today.

One added feature is our automatic hardware insertion bowls that allow you to fill it with a variety of hardware for high volume hardware insertion.

As we've pointed out many times, MJM is able to produce your products quickly and efficiently which cuts down on your cost!

Our Assembly Department is fully equipped with all the latest tools needed from rivet guns, to automatic drivers.

All of our workstations are equipped with rotary tables to insure the most efficient manner needed to assemble any part.

From a simple bracket assembly to a very complicated electronic card cage or even a seven foot computer 19" Rack.

All of our tools are highly maintained and equipped with air regulators to insure the proper air pressure needed for each tool and job.

Our Receiving Department is fully computerized and insures that all receiving is properly identified.

To ensure the highest accuracy of information, all of this process is totally bar coded, from receiving, to "in process" manufacturing and finally shipping.


Our Shipping Department is staffed with a number of skilled personnel whose Number 1 function is to carefully check each part before it is packaged to insure the utmost quality.

Every lot is checked before any part can be packaged.

A 100 % quality control report is needed to be completed prior to packaging any parts.

All packaging material from bubble wrap to box style or box size is noted on our master traveler to insure the integrity of each part and quantity per box.

As with all facets of MJM's operation, our Shipping Department is totally computerized to ensure proper identification and destination of all shipments.

MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products
MJM Clientele
MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products
MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products

MJM Manufacturing, Inc. is a Minority owned / Small Business that has been specializing in fabricating precision sheet metal parts since 1979.

In today’s highly competitive market, we at MJM Manufacturing guarantee to translate your concepts into reality in the fastest, most high quality manner possible. Together with our expert staff and full range of precision metal working capabilities, we can help create and manufacture anything you can imagine. Over the last three decades we have consolidated every specialized aspect related to any job - from precision sheet metal fabrication and machining to finishing and assembly - using our experience to meet the pricing and timing needs of modern business. Using the latest technological advancements in laser and robotics machinery, we insure your product is created exactly how you envisioned it, allowing you to spend that time and energy where it belongs - focusing on your customers. Get started today; email us ideas or drawings for immediate computer generated quotes.

Always just a click away, MJM Manufacturing, Inc. The solution for all your metal needs!

MJM - Manufacturer and Designer of Precision Sheet Metal Products and Machining Products
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